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Well since I am waiting for Subscriber status...

Here is my site:

I just want some C&C please Big Grin

A few things I want to point out, I know that banner is not all that flashy but I just needed something to replace the generic one.
Looks like a good site but need new theme..
I could not agree with you more but personally I have not had the time to code one myself not that it looks too hard to do (it seems mybb is the easiest to make themes for from what I have heard), and I have yet to find a site that offers good premium themes or custom design services that would be worth me putting more money into it.
Look around mybb plugin sites and official site and you will see theme makers who would are willing to make you a theme for a reasonable price (5-25 Us Dollars)
I'm actually working on a theme right now by myself to fix it but thank you for the tips Big Grin

Edit: Changed the theme a bit, it is far from done I have never made a theme before so I am just going through everything and changing the settings to try and fix some things.
From what I can tell (I've checked out parts of my new forums theme) it is almost done except for the buttons. Tell me what you think.