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Hello well am new here I came to get some plugins but I dont understand how to get thems of course I know some of them are not free, am looking for ficons that I need it for: am building it now yes the banner need to be change because it gives it a looks more like rate my bubbles, if any one could help telling me how to get the pluggin I will aprecciate that and my knowledge on php is regular but sometimes I know things that others dont so if you need help and I have the answer for you problem count with that.

A little more about me , well when I decide to use MYBB it was because I was tired of being setting up diferents php so I said to my self I need something that could work for all my websites and that was MYBB so I picked.

I dont like to add stuff to mybb because I have the bad feeeling some day every thing will crash because it was not on the original version;
but it seems that I will need to deal with my dead chicken nightmare.