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Full Version: Hide Specific Forum
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Is there a way for hiding specific forum?.. I mean it cannot be showed for a certain usergroup.
Under Admin CP Go To The Forum Catagorey then uncheck the group that you want to ristrict from seeing the forum
Nope, I've done that.. They eventually see the forum but they can't enter.. I mean, I could hide the forum from a specific group completely. I think this is possible for VBulletin.
No in ACP you can go to forum management pick the forum you want to hide and under setting you see groups who can see post and etc... so un-check the default one and the rest of the stuff you don't want them doing in that forum and there they won't see it.
If you setup the permissions correctly it'll hide it, how else do staff forums etc get hidden?? Printscreen what permissions you've set.
I want to hide a forum from guest.. I want them to fully hide from guest, not just they are restricted.
this is what I set for permission.

[Image: 72dq3d.png]

and then I click the edit permissions and uncheck them. .

[Image: 2vhyvd1.png]

but still, when I try to be a guest.. I still see the forum but can't enter.. I want it to hide, not just restricted.
I guess you will have to change the category permission's then.
(Jun 10, 2010, 10:36 AM).: NeoFusion720 :. Wrote: [ -> ]I guess you will have to change the category permission's then.
that's what I did on the screenies.
I have some categories hidden for the users, You have to edit the permisions of teh category and also of the Forums.