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Full Version: Why MyBBCentral is going slow?
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I noticed that MyBBCentral is going so slow lately. I think this happens from the last close of the forum (for update reasons).
Right now looks like it got back as usual. But what was the problem? Was it resolved? Will it continue?

Thanks in advance.
Just a DDOS attack and plus we moved servers. It's being taken care of.
Ok. Thanks for the reply. You can close if you want.
Any faster now?
Yeah, it's going faster now. Last couple days were rough.
Yeah I just moved to one of my dedicated. DDOS attacks will be laughed at now.
I'm guessing the new server has DDoS protection?
The new server is a dedicated versus being hosted in a shared environment at Dreamhost. You really never get any type of decent DDOS protected with shared hosting.

The server I'm on now not only has my own DDOS protection at the server level but the datacenter is well known for it's DDOS prevention at the router level. I'd be able to handle a 500k PPS attack at this site.

DDOS attacks fail and I win.
That's a bit confusing, but I'll nod my head pretending I understand.

So, basically any DDoS will be protected against?
You ran this huge forum on shared hosting? Holy fuck myBB is more optimized than I thought. I guarantee that if you had a vB forum with this many users and hosted it on a shared server there would be a 5-10 second delay for every page.
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