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Full Version: The Forum that helps!
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Computer Troubleshooting and Discussion Forum.

Please Comment on the following:
  • Loading Speed
  • Features
  • Things to add?
  • Things to take away?
  • Loading Speed - Very Good
  • Features ~ Could add some more forums
  • Things to add ~ White Hat Section for example
  • None, just add
Thanks for your help would like some more advice please. Job position's available!
Here is my opinion:

1. Forum loads fast. Looks like server is not overloaded.
2. Like Neo said. Add more forums. Did not check how is with members features.
3. Most important like I alread said is to add more forums and later new plugins, etc.
4. Add them first Tongue

Hope it helped Tongue
1. Loading Speed: Loads Quickly
2. Features - Points plugin awarded to helpful members if they help solve someones problem... with an award of course once you reach a certain number Wink The more people you help the more members youll get so it will be worth it in the long run.
3. Things to add? - Ads, if you include some ads you can help cover hosting costs and award your helpful members Wink
4. Things to take away? Nothing.
forum loads fast....
nice theme and layout.
very bad adsense ads
It should match with theme.