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I'm in Indonesian....
I dont like your logo. Otherwise nice and simple theme Smile
ermmm very basic would be my review
simple and neat theme.
Logo is just ok........not in professional look.
(Jun 24, 2010, 08:04 AM)bcdxer Wrote: [ -> ]simple and neat theme.Logo is just ok.

Yes bcdxer, I also just think the same. The theme its really very simple as well as clean. Not any type of extra color or anything used in it. And I also want to say you that about Logo. That is not that much attractive. And also not that much professional. Just you have to change to Logo.
Simple Theme, and sorry but that is not a good logo.
Whiteshen, thats really very nice as well as the colour combination that is very attractive. But you have to improve some of the style of Logo. Because its not that much attractive. As you know the over all visitors depends on the Logo.
The logo does need alot of work other then that the theme is ok and simple.