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Full Version: Cannot Modify Header Information
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So I had this problem like a min ago and it still shows up for guest.

I didn't know how it went away for me but it's just gone.

Do you see the problem?
If site is down, the problem is that there showed up a warning, saying that index.php:6 had already sent out information then some shit about inc/functions
The following warnings occurred:
Warning [2] Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/elitev2/public_html/index.php:6) - Line: 1548 - File: inc/functions.php PHP 5.2.13 (Linux)
File     Line     Function
[PHP]           errorHandler->error
/inc/functions.php     1548     header
/inc/class_session.php     365     my_setcookie
/inc/class_session.php     98     session->load_guest

On inc/functions.php at line 1548 it said header($cookie, false);
The "header information already set and can't be modified" error usually occures when you try to make php redirect (using header()) or you try to update a cookie. This must be done on the beginning of the .php file before the server found any html code. This shouldn't be a MyBB error, it should be a plug-in related error or you have accidentally edited the functions.php file (in worst case it wasn't you). I didn't really dealt with the functions file so I can't say for sure but I think the only solution is to download MyBB again and replace the old functions file with a new one. If this dosen't works deactive the recently activated plug-ins and make sure that they are not trying to echo html on the start of the functions file.

I hope this helped you.
Best regards,