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Full Version: Youtube Video Grabber [Please look]
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Really hope someone follows me on this one, was thinking about it earlier and thought it would be really neat, especially for a site like mine that relies on youtube as one of its major contents.

I run a humor based forum and we have a lot of youtube video embeds and I thought it would be cool if there was a way to

Go indo AdminCP ->

Have a youtube configure page, just like warning system.

Be able to search a keyword or just in general a youtube video search

and be able to click which videos we want, in a check box idea, and just have it so you can "Make threads" and it will just use the Youtube video title as the title of the thread, and the youtube link, IE: , the actual thread body.

This would GREATLY help me, and I am sure others that use youtube videos as content.

That would be great I agree. Nice! Hope they take a look at your nice suggestion.
On QsN* There is something like this "scopetube" which has youtube videos as the title.