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Full Version: Another paypal question (Don't hit me)
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I registered and want to buy a subscription, but the paypal option only allows the use of a credit card. Is there any way I can send funds with paypal to buy it? Without a credit card? After I fill in the shipping information and what-not, the only option on the page is to enter credit card details.

You could try to contact to Labrocca. Maybe he has another way to send the payment. (He could give you his paypal account, but certainly, I don't know).
And you can find other ways to pay in the upgrade page. They're AlertPay and Google Checkout.
I know there's other ways to pay... I don't use the other ones. you talk like you can just sign up and at the snap of a finger have funds in them.

He contacted me anyways, so this topic is useless now.