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Full Version: Code Errors on W3C
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My Site has 12 errors that i can not figure out. I am not a coder but managed to out code and replace 50 errors to my site. But these last twelve and either too easy that I cant see it, or too hard that I have no idea what im doing.

I have gotten advice that 4 errors regarding the mydock plugin for mybb wont go away so thats ok. But the footer errors are just random and I have no idea.

Please check it out and see what i can fix.

Just incase link above doesnt work, site is
Ok try these,
  • add a closing </div> in the footer before closing the </body>
  • Check your spelling of <thead> and make sure it's closed with </thead> in the forumbit level one template

Doing the two above should help Wink