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Full Version: Chat code help
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A little help with coding please. Im using MyBB 1.4.13 and I have a link to chat software in my navigation bar.

Im trying to amend the bubble that appears when I hover over the link so that instead of stating "Chat" it shows the users in chat. If someone tells me what to insert so it shows who is online I can do the rest from there. Im also trying to get it to reduce the popup size for the chat screen.

heres the code Im using:

<li><a href="chat/flashchat.php" title="Chat rooms"" Target="_blank"><img src="$settings[bburl]/images/Chat.png" border="0" alt="Chat rooms">Chat rooms</a><li>

The site is using 5$ tufat's chat software and I have no problem with paying a reasonable fee if this requires some effort.