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Full Version: Transfer of website host
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Wondering if anybody could assist with a website transfer from one host to another Smile
Obviously prepared to pay but just need somebody who is 100% confident in knowing how to transfer mybb from one host to another Smile

Please either reply here or via PM.

Thanks in advance
Just follow this tutorial:

If you still need help, let me know.
You don't need to pay for this because it is too easy to do.
1) Download the files of the forum to your localhost and do a backup in the cpanel and download it.
2) Change the DNS settings of the domain, update the DNS to the new host's DNS. After the dns was propagated (usually takes some hours, but can take up to 2 days, it depends on the host and the extension of the domain)
3) Upload the files to the new host
4) Create a new database and import the old database from the backup file
5) Change the details of your mysql server in the inc/config.php file.
6) Clear your cookies because you could have problems [optional]

I have made a human (easy to understand) "tutorial" so you should transfer you website without problems but if you still need help contact me and I will move your website for free.