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Full Version: IDEA: Tut Section
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I had an idea...
Could we get a section for posting MyBB Tutorials. To help others learn.
I plan on about 5-10 tut's to help beginners. Smile
Oh 88power88, thats really very nice idea which you have mentioned here. I really like the idea which comes in your mind and I can say that it will surely work fine. And its fantastic.
Great idea, I think this will fit here perfectly.
Thanks guys i hope Omni will add this section Smile
It's a nice idea and would be quite useful to me and others.
Wait for labrocca's response.
I support this, good idea for the tricky stuff like upgrading to 1.4.2 or easy stuff like adding a new theme, it all helps the beginners!
Its really very nice idea as well as that much attractive and useful. Before I have never heard about such idea. And the concept to share that with us that is really very fantastic.