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Full Version: Hi My Name is Hefin
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Hi ,
Present Day...

Successfully running my company...Initiotech Solutions...

Developing Softwares and Websites...

Administrating around 5 websites... Smile
Including my blog,company website,community forum for webmasters , URL shorting service...

Came here again to add some good plugins to my forum which is a MyBB..

Way Back In 2007
Hi Guys my name is Hefin I am a Software Programmer.

I Stay in Mumbai,India!
I have a team of Software Developers. We call our self
Initiotech Software Solutions.

We Provide Software and Websites for Companies for their Custom Software Development.

I am just 19 Yrs old. And i have a very good knowledge in developing Softwares and Websites in many Programming Languages. Languages i have used till now are VB.NET, , , ASP.

But i have newer worked on PHP.
I am currently using this MYBB Forum for one of my best friend who has a very good talent in Writing Stories and Novels. He want me to make a Board for him that his Fan's may access. He call it SGE CLUB FORUM.
Where he will let his readers use the forum for Disscussing his Stories and Novels and also for posting Fan Pics of his Novel.

That is why i am here searching MYBB disscussion groups and gathering more knowledge in PHP language and making my friend happy by giving him his fully working MYBB board.