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How about a mod that will only allow members to bump threads every 6 hours?
There is this plugin Wink
Think this is it:.
(Jul 07, 2010, 01:04 PM)88power88 Wrote: [ -> ]There is this plugin Wink
Think this is it:.

where do I install the code it pulls up?
/inc/plugins/ ;D
This might disable users from leaving legitimate updates though?
This did not work, and it was removed from MyBB's official page.
I have the bump plugin on my site can't remember where i got it from.
Still looking but no luck if anyone comes across this mod pleasem let me know
my forum Wrote:Bump Thread (1.01)
Allows users to bump their own threads without posting.
Created by
So check out "[url= BuRgA"
Repost link please.