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Full Version: Get ip/Ban Guests
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This would be good if a Ddos was happening. It Logs all currently online guest ip's
I could see this being abused...

Make a forum have people just come on and it takes their IP.
you know members ip's are logged. so this forum and any others you are on has it. but guests aren't. When gets Ddosed again I want to be able to quickly turn on this plugin and ban the ips so it cannot be done again
I know that you can, but I'm just saying they have to register for that.

I suppose this could be useful. I'm sure it would be easy to do this.
I might look into it and try to make it.
thank you very much! i appreciate it. we have been Ddosed around 10 times now. we are tired of it
Do you have any sort of Ddos protection?
Yea the 1,000 Ddos didn't even slow us down. But its still annoying
Haha, I suppose so...

Atleast it isn't slowing you down though.
yea nilef is a very good main admin
I suppose he is I wouldn't know lol

Well anyways, I won't be looking into it tonight. I will try tomorrow.
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