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Full Version: Subscription Info
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When you upgrade yourself to a Subscriber you get loads of benefits.

You can download all of Labrocca's famous plugins such as
  • Tabbed Menu
  • My Awards
  • Online 24

All those plugins can be seen on Hackforums, and that's just 5 % of all the plugins!

You can download other users plugins too, which can be very useful and great for your site, just pick the one you want and it will be installed within a minute!

You also get exclusive themes made by users and Jesse Labrocca himself.
If you ever need to make your website look better, this is the place to come get some themes!

Upgrade Process

So you've decided to upgrade? Good.
First you click the Upgrade link in the header, and choose your payment method. Unverified PayPal's can be used, but it is not sure you recieve your subscription.

Problems With PayPal?

Click the button.
Enter your details.
Change your currency to USD.
Change "Payment Method" to PayPal.
It'll redirect you to PayPal.
Log in.
Click "Pay now".

After you successfully have payed, you will simply have to wait. This can take up to 2 Hours or a week. This is because Jesse Labrocca runs multiple large forums, and is really busy. Please respect that.

Thanks for reading
Thank you for this. I was just about to make a new thread on how to pay with Paypal until I saw this. Wink
on payment method on reg pay there no longer is a paypal option

edit: Problem solved! For people who want to pay in £ sterling! Please select US Dollers and the paypal option will pop up! Smile

haha iv just noticed it said that in the instructions! Yer i cant read Tongue sorry
Ok I bought Subscriber and now waiting for it. I need it badly I want to download Tabbed plug in and other ones as well.