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Full Version: Tags for preset posts?
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Like [warn ] or [help ] on HF how do you make these for your own site?
Pretty Simple.

For [warn] it is a mycode, same as for [help].

I'll try to look them up for you.
(Jul 16, 2010, 11:46 AM)Ally Mac Wrote: [ -> ]

Have fun.


Not it ...
Bump this up ... maybe it's a plugin :/
This is a mycode, I've seen it in action.

If you find me a warned member post at HF then please tell me.
Just got to HF testing area and type the tag in Tongue
It did not work, waiting for a Staff member to do it.
1.6x has thread prefixes.
So labrocca, you're saying that HF is 1.6?
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