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I was wondering If anyone would Like to help me run a business forum. Its going to be based basically on running web forums, websites, managing them, biz talk, etc..

I am also going to make a omni forum, no not for jesse you twats, a forum general discussions on everything. Computers, software, writing, art, html, life support, etc..

So there are two forums needing a spot of help. No, I do not need help, but its nice to run forums with a partner. So if you wana help, just say so. If you do not, then dont leave a reply here.
Sorry to reply without wanting to help but I always wanted to make the omniforum.
haha its gona be a lot of fun, and I am sure within a few years it will be pretty big.
I could help you. PM me I'll give yo my msn etc. Little background information on me etc.

I've dealty with mybb for 3 years now ran over 14 forums so yeah.
What will you need help with.
Just getting good content, a logo, and a nice theme.
Also some good administration, Im not looking for some twat.

I need someone who is as almost running websites and forums as I am.
Well, I've dealt with over 46 forums in 3 years. Help ran/owned/moded them in various ways. I'm not GFX developer though.

Theme, I can find good ones or even tweak ones you like to suit your needs even more.

Good content. I can refer a few members that are good, Other than that it's just time to work out good content
I wouldn't mind helping out with the omni forum. I'll act as mature and professional as I need to be.
(Jul 18, 2010, 03:18 AM)Cybr Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't mind helping out with the omni forum. I'll act as mature and professional as I need to be.

*about time. *

Smile I'm pretty sure he's looking for someone that has develope and made little snippests for mybb forums to. I've made over 20-30 new file and snippets. Managed a lot and etc. but meh, May the best man win Wink
I dont think I will just be using mybb, I am thinking about getting either VBulletin or IP.Board for one of these, so yeah xD
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