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Full Version: MyBB error
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I always got this error
If you got it it's okay now I guess?

If you GET it , then it means there are lots of users online.
You have many users online?
Not really, it more likely less than 100.. How should I fix this?
The problem may be with your server, you are not allowed to have that many connections and that's why MyBB is unable to load if you have too many guests/users and bots online.

Another problem would be that MyBB is unable to do more queries in the mysql database, this will also give you this error (as I know).

If the problem is the first option (ask your host because only they can you tell this) and you have root access to the server (if you own VPS or dedicated server you should have) you can fix this by chaning the configuration file. (httpd file, edit "server.max-connections = xxx" or if you don't have add it and allow at least 1024 connections)

If the problem is the second option you may have a plug-in that runs more quesries on every page load, check your plug-ins and look in their plug-in file, check on what hooks they are and how many queries do they run.