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Full Version: [Release]Dark Infanity
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Hey guys this is my second theme I've released. It's called Dark Infanity. The first theme was called Mystery

1. Upload images folder to your root directory.
2. In admincp theme import the file Dark-Infanity.xml
3. (optional) In admincp make the theme default.

*Please give critism on how I can improve etc...
I did use some css from 4you4me theme. Some images where found on google/free mybb image sites.

*Updates* - I've updated the smiley's and star rating and a few other images.

Soon I plan on making user groups for the theme to. Which are optional if you want to use them.
You're welcome. It's about 2 themes merged togather and modified with a bunch of new images.

Some images I left the same like the stars etc. Didn't have time to change those.
I've updated the theme a bit. I plan on making free extra images as stars, user badges/images etc.
I've also thrown in a free blank image. Which you can make you're own user groups out of.
Nice Mate Big Grin
Nice theme.
Tho you didn't really create it if you merged two.
(Jul 22, 2010, 03:34 AM)NeoFusion720 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice theme.
Tho you didn't really create it if you merged two.

Okay I made my own theme after merging two basically.
Alright, then good work mate.
Looks like a very nice theme. Smile
Its missing the postbit_reputation.gif image, you wouldnt happen to have that would you?