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Full Version: FREE Webhosting and VIP Contest
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You heard right!. is now doing a FREE Webhosting contest. With 10 winners!

How to win:
Head over to The winners will be decided by the users that have the highest amount of contest points between July 25th and August 5th.

How to get Contest Points:
There are three ways to get contest points.
  • 4 Points will be awarded to every new thread that is created by a user
  • 2 points will be awarded to every post made by the user
  • 20 extra Points will be awarded to every user that upgrades their account to VIP
  • 35 Points extra points for upgrading another members account to VIP

  • 3 1st place winners: 1 Year free hosting. 1 Year free VIP on
  • 2 Second place winners: 1 Year free hosting
  • 5 3rd place winners: 6 months free hosting

Here are the details/rules:
  • There will be 10 Winners!. That's right 10 Winners!
  • Contest starts on July 25th and end August 5th. All posts/threads made before and after the contest dates won't count.
  • First 3 winners will get 1 Year free hosting and Free VIP, Second 5 winners will get 1 Year free hosting the last 5 winners will get 6 months free hosting.
  • 4 points will be awarded for new threads and 2 will be awarded for posts on already made threads. Members that upgrade their account to Premium status will get 20 extra contest points.
  • Posts must contain at least 20 characters to receive points
  • Administrators/Mods have the right to disqualify a member at any time. (All disqualifications can be appealed by the user depending on the severity.
  • Contest may change at any time during and after it's over. Including rules, details, prize, and winners.
  • Posts and threads made in Introductions or off topic section will not count towards your contest points.
  • Posts and threads my not contain Adult, Warez, Spam or any illegal content. Including Violence, Drug, or hate against another race.
  • This contest is available to new and current members including staff.
  • If any rules are broken it may result in disqualification and banning of the member.

Webhosting courtesy of
Contest is now active.
Thanks for this, might be heading over there soon, as soon as I get my site up and running though.