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Full Version: Important message - like vB
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I mean that each notice was added to the "X". When a user clicks on it, the notice disappears - the user no longer sees him no more.

Screen: [Image: 74046670098410678399_thumb.jpg]
Would have to be done in javascript. I may build this.
You could write how to do it?
(Jul 25, 2010, 12:14 PM)albatros Wrote: [ -> ]You could write how to do it?

Well i built it, just need to add cookies, and i may just give the code although its best to keep JS in a .js file.

EDIT: Preview
Nice Damion!
That could be useful Big Grin
You need to add a cookie to remember that you've viewed the message. Otherwise a refresh will show them all again.
Exactly the point Smile
You could write how to modify the plugin to get this effect? I'll be very grateful Smile
@Damion; Try this for cookie-ing that ;D
Thank you, euantor. I have successfully created it and just need to implement it with MyBB and I will give you the code.

EDIT: Ok all done, Doesn't work in ie 6 or below. Please read the "Read Me.txt" file for install instructions.

EDIT 2: If you need help, Reply to this thread or PM me.

Non Premium Download:
Thank you, downloading now Smile
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