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Full Version: Hello everyone
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Hi guys.

I'm Nagyma, but please call me Nick because this is my real name and Nagyma is a little bit hard to remember. I live in Germany, Frankfurt and I like it a lot because I have many friends and I have fun.

I have registered at MyBBCentral because of the plug-ins and I have deposited money in my PayPal account, so as soon as I receive It I will subscribe because I believe that the plug-ins and the support worth this money.

I own 2 MyBB forums (I will post them in the review sections) and 4 blogs. (none of them is personal blog). I know a lot about SEO, domains, domain registrars so don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with these.

I'm sure that I will enjoy my stay here because this forum seems to be awesome.

Best regards,
Welcome Nagyma, nice introduction.