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Full Version: Need Help with Dark Fusion Skin- Not IE friendly
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Hi All...well I love the Dark Fusion theme it is great.. But there is a problem for IE users.. When they log in they loose all functions of the page. If the scroll down..the header is the only thing that scrolls. They cannot see any of the forum and cannot scroll down for the categories.
I have the skin up here:
Is there a fix for this I downloaded it off of Funny but this only happens if they log in not on the front page..

I have regenerated a new post as requested by Clone who said I bumped an old thread from March. Sorry but that would have saved space on the server.
Seems to work fine in all versions of IE except 5.
I don't get it... I have both IE and FF. On IE8 when logged in, that is where I have the problem. Not at all on firefox. Maybe I can get someone to test it in IE8. I am not attempting to get members ..LOL I really need to fix this. My site really does not require membership for the mostpart.