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Full Version: I Need This Chatbox :(
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Demo Image

[Image: 729201095322pm.jpg]

I'm Not Finding The MOD In MyBB & This Site Sad

Site Demo : crackhackforum Dot Com
It's a shoutbox, Try them all Wink
Can U Give Me Link Of This Shoutbox ? Plz Big Grin
Can't tell you what that one is, because I guess regged users only can see it?
Here is another version ~
That one is displayed at
I use that very same shoutbox .. and it works great !
i too need a shoutbox like that..i am searching for it
This is the shoutbox the OP is looking for
I'm Also Need This Chat
Tehe, i got it now, got rid of my old cruddy one for this new B.A. One lol