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Full Version: Please Review My Forum
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Gaming Shit

It's still currently being worked on. It's not the best obviously.
There's not really any members because I haven't advertised it yet.
I used tabs to prevent a messy look.
For the gaming tabs, I made forums for popular games, according to my brother.

Yes, ANOTHER gaming forum.
Get tabs bro...

Tabs are fucking cool =P
I have five tabs so far. Also, I'm taking suggestions and feedback. Smile
How did you get your tabs working? >_< I don't know why, but they just wouldn't work for me. I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly, and even went through every troubleshooting step, but to no avail.

What version MyBB?
I think the tabs plugin is overused, And the logo goes really will with the theme. Great work.
I'm using 1.4, Clay.

Thanks Damion. Smile I'm changing the theme though. Too many people thought it was a boring look.