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Full Version: [Review]MyLife Forums[Not MyBB]
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Before you say anything, I realize that this is not a MyBB forum based system, however I have made enough mybb sites and I just like this place. So if Jesse feels that he wants this thread deleted.

[Image: logo.gif]

Who we are

Alright, so after a few years working with other personals sites and teen support sites I decided to make one of myself. There is a number of sections on the forums including personals, support, adult sections(hidden, you know why), general forums, and tech forums. This is really a place for everyone and its designed to be smooth, welcoming and just a pretty much laid back forum. We have added a lot of features to the forums like a mood system, blog, cms, and other stuff you will just have to see.


Just tell me what you think of the site and what you do not like. After we get some feedback, we will better adjust the site to fit your needs and wants.

A link would feel nice.
The logo is the link,.
(Jul 31, 2010, 10:40 AM)Tyler Allen Wrote: [ -> ]The logo is the link,.

It wasn't earlier today.

Nice forum.
any suggestions, comments?
IMO there is too many sections for a new forum, makes it feel empty.