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Full Version: Self close (Modified glitch/ help please)
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[Image: sad.png]

Why do I get this? The only modification to the code I made is:

        $showthread = str_replace("<!--SELFCLOSE-->", "<div style=\"float:left;\"><form action=\"moderation.php\" method=\"post\">
    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"tid\" value=\"{$thread['tid']}\" />
    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"action\" value=\"2\" />
    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"my_post_key\" value=\"{$mybb->post_code}\" />
            <input type=\"image\" src=\"{$theme['imgdir']}/{$lang->language}/postbit_close.gif\" alt=\"\" name=\"submit\" />
            </form></div>&nbsp;", $showthread);


So it would junk my thread and not lock it. Help!?

Did you do the setting in admincp?
Yes, I have it set to 3,4,6 and 9.

But, it doesn't seem to work, I am the only administrator.
Although for some reason I have two self-close things in posting.