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Full Version: Spoiler Tag
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This is a plugin which hides content in Spoiler tags.

Now also working for MyBB 1.6 Gold Version

This one is like the one that can be found on Hack Forums, and here at MyBB Central.

How to use it?

[spoiler=I love you]It's true.[/spoiler]

Upload spoiler.php to inc/plugins and activate.

thanks for your time on this work cool Smile
I love you (Click to View)

Just testing Wink

Nice work Smile
So is it working on 1.4 ?
(Aug 06, 2010, 11:10 AM)IceGuru Wrote: [ -> ]So is it working on 1.4 ?

Why do you question that here?
There is a spoiler tag plugin in the 1.4 section.
Great plug in. Thanks!
Doesn't work for me.

Activate it Ally.
I did...

Is it possible to add this to the BBCode editor?
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