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Site Name: MyFavouriteForum
Site URL:
Description: At MyFavouriteForum our main priority is your happiness. Tell us what you want to see and our team of experts will find, install and post it for you. We have great content such as user blogs, youtube gallery's, image gallery's, arcade section, VIP section/downloads, tutorial's section,
weekly competitions and much much more.

We have been doing major updates 24/7 for the past two weeks and we hope you will at least have a look at our forum.
Your Name on the Board: Joey

Thanks for reading guys
Your tabs don't work mate.
(Aug 06, 2010, 11:31 PM)Gonzo Wrote: [ -> ]Your tabs don't work mate.

No Gonzo, that's working that much fine. But the one thing is that its taking that much time to load. But its working fine. And the another thing is that I like that too much. The color combination is that type that attracts many people to watch once.
they really dont work, lol no matter what tab you click all it does is remove the 'forum info' category
Any idea how I can fix that mate, It works fine for members just not for guests! Someone help please!
its because you have hidden forums as the first in one of the catagories.
Not a fix, but my post says why it's happening:
It's an ok layed out forum, goodluck in the future and the tabs.
This is a great forum! I would suggest signing up, while VIP can be obtained free!
Thanks for your support guys, I will be able to sort out the tabs soon now Smile
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