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It allows users to "thank" members for their posts.

It is based off ThankYou plugin by "TechMiX" ( )

It contains a few bugfixes

Just upload the contents of "Upload" directory to your forum root directory and enjoy =)
Thank you for this .
If you have any problems with it let me know, and i'll try to fix it =P
Does this actually work, i have tried 3 thankyou plugins (for 1.4.x) and all of them were, well, shit.
Works 100% for me Tongue

If you have any problems with it just gimme details on what your problem is and i'll do my best to fix it =)
it works for me! Big Grin , 2 questions XD : how do i get it to display the amount of thanks in profile, for thanks given and thanks you have received, with a link to those posts?

and 2: how do i get it to display an "unthank" image when i click on thanks? XD

EDIT: Something else, is there anything in the "configuration" section for this mod? can't find anything for it Tongue

1) I'll work on doing that, didnt think of it Tongue
2) It already does. or should :o
3) yeah, it's towards the top kinda on the settings page, it says "thank you" Tongue
I was trying it in MyBB 1.4.13 and it worked properly (at least what I tried). And I think some bugs were fixed well.
So I have to say "Thank you" Big Grin If I find some I'll let you know Wink
I am using Thank you (2.4) from Zaher1988 Wink
Its work on 1.4x or 1.6
I can't get it to work on my custom skin.

I also use .png files on that skin, maybe it messes with it.
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