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Full Version: How to upgrade to 1.6
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__JJ__ Wrote:Hey I know it is a lot to ask but after reading many of your post I just think your the one to be able to do it. You have the ability to word things in a way that common users like me can understand & follow. Nobody has ever written a tutorial on how to upgrade MyBB that people like me feel safe in trying & with 1.6 out now it is even more scary to try. I am not an idiot, have had a couple of sites for a while now & understand enough to make most things I want work but upgrading & risking losing all I have done is risky. Is there any way if you have some free time you could write a tutorial for people like me on how to upgrade safely, I am sure I wouldn't be the only one that would be greatly helped by this & would be very appreciated.

anyway thanks for reading


This is a pretty simple thing, to do. But before you upgrade, I would like to state some facts.
  • All plugins may not be compatible
  • Some themes might not work (Missing Images)
  • A lot of new functions will appear

First, you should do a database backup, you do that by going to Admin CP > Tools & Maintenance > Database Backups > New Backup and select ALL Tables.
[Image: ff2019d73d0534d29047b4684f600694.PNG]

Now download MyBB 1.6 from the official site. Uncompress it with either WinRAR or Winzip. I prefer WinRAR.

Upload all the files through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) with FileZilla.

After the installation is done, go to and follow the steps from there.

Now you should have your own very new copy of MyBB 1.6 installed.

If you want further support about 1.6, feel free to ask me in this thread, or go here.

Thank you.
Thanks very much Clone.........very helpful & appreciated