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Full Version: Installing MyBB [Detailed with pictures]
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Installing MyBB
First you need to head over to the MyBB website and download the latest version of MyBB. At time of writing this is 1.6. <Image tags removed due to image limit.
For the purpose of this tutorial i saved mine to my desktop.

Now we need to go to our MyBB download and extract it.

[Image: extractmybb.png]

Just leave that there for now.

Now open up your favorite FTP client (i like to use filezilla)
Once you are connected to your server then go back to your MyBB download directory.
Open your MyBB directory (It is named 'mybb_versionnumber', in my case 'mybb_1600').
Now open up the 'upload' directory and highlight everything inside.

[Image: highlighting.png]

Make sure that you are inside your webroot folder on your ftp. (usually 'public_html' or 'www') and drag all the files into it. Now you just have to wait.
Once you have uploaded all your files you can now install MyBB. However first you have to create a database. You can use your control panel or a web app like PHPMyAdmin.
I will show you how to do it with both CPanel and PHPMyAdmin.

Navigate to your PHPMyAdmin directory on your server (it could be 'www.yourdomain.tld/phpmyadmin' but this can vary from host to host) your login info is normally the same as your control panel/ftp.
Now on the main page, find the 'New Database' text field and name it accordingly. For this tutorial i will be naming my database 'mybb' and hit 'Create'.

[Image: phpmyadminnewdatabase.png]

Hopefully you should be shown this page:

[Image: phpmyadminnewdatabasesu.png]

Okay so that is done now.

CPanel is also very simple.
Naviage to your CPanel directory (it could be 'www.yourdomain.tld/cpanel' but this can vary from host to host) your login info is normally the same as your ftp.
Find the MySQL databases button. < Image removed due to image limit.

Click it and you should see a new page that will allow you to manage your databases.
On this page locate the 'Create database' text box.

[Image: cpanelmysqldatabasecrea.png]

*Note* As you can see in my case there is a database prefix of 'runescape_' this is what i am reffering to when i use the term 'prefix_'.
Now enter your database name, for the purpose of this tutorial i will be using 'mybb'. Hit create database.
Now find the 'Create user' text box

[Image: cpanelmysqldatabasecrea.png]

Enter a username and password and hit create user.
Now add the user to the database using the dropdown boxes:

[Image: cpanelmysqldatabaseaddu.png]

On the next page make sure all permissions are ticked.

[Image: cpanelmysqldatabaseuser.png]
Hit make changes.

Okay when you get told by the mybbinstaller to give files and directories the correct permissions it is as simple as this. (I am assuming you are using filezilla)
Open up your FTP client and connect to your server. Find the directories/files you need to CHMOD and right click, then select 'File permissions'.

[Image: chmod.png]

Then CHMOD to 777 like so:

[Image: d1a065f875ad991c32d921f5b69c5e1b.png]

Hit 'Ok'.
Repeat this for every file / directory that mybb wants you to set permissions for.

Head over to your install directory (http://www.yourdomain.tld/install/, assuming you uploaded mybb to the root directory)
This part is really easy so i am not going to include any pictures.
Just follow the onscreen instructions until you get to the database settings.
When you get here, there are a few things to remember.

The database username and database name may have a prefix put on by your host (in mycase it was 'runescape') remember to include them.

Generally the username and password to connect to your database is the same as you login to ftp/control panel is. Remember, if your host adds prefixes to your database you have to include these.
*Note* Unless otherwise instructed by your host then leave 'Localhost' as it is.
After setting all your settings and creating your admin account you are finished!
Congratulations on your newly installed forum!
-Written by Gonzo for EveryBB, MyBBrunway, MyBBsource and Supportforums.
I also throught MyBBCentral deserved this