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Full Version: Importing a database with PHPMyAdmin
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Importing a database using PHPMyAdmin
Let me first say this is one of my more simple tuts, and I am taking ideas for other tutorials to write so feel free to request one!

Okay then, I am assuming in this tutorial you have just swapped web hosts, and re-uploaded your forum with the correct file and directory permissions. If you have not done all of that please refer to my 'MyBB installation guide'

First of all you want to load up PHPMyAdmin (PHPMyAdmin can usually be found at http://www.yourdomain.tld/phpmyamdin or http://www.yourdomain.tld/PHPMyAdmin, however if it is not you can usually get that information from your host or your hosting control panel).

Now you need to find the 'Create Database' textbox and type in the name of your database, for this tutorial I will be using the database name 'mybb'.

[Image: phpmyadminnewdatabase.png]

Hit 'Create'

Now you have created your database, you can begin to upload your backup. Find the 'Import' button in PHPMyAdmin.

[Image: phpmyadminimport.png]

Click it and you should see a screen like so:

[Image: phpmyadminimporttextbox.png]

Click browse and navigate to your forum backup (mine is called 'Backup.sql').

[Image: phpmyadminimportbrowse.png]

Once you have selected your backup, find and click 'Go'.
Now just wait, the page will appear to be stuck loading.

[Image: phpmyadminuploadloading.png]

This will take longer the bigger your database is. Do not refresh or press the back button.

After that is complete you should be able to see all your tables in the left hand column. That means it was successful!

[Image: phpmyadminimportsuccess.png]

Congratulations you just imported your database using PHPMyAdmin!
If the database is bigger than the max amount (usually 128 MiB), then you will have to use bigdump or MySQL Dumper.
OR you just edit php.ini if you have a vps