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Full Version: Subscription Plugin
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Any chance that we can get a plugin for 1.6 for PayPal Subscriptions?

These are the main features I would like.

1. More then one subscription for users to choose (1 month 3 months 6 months)

2. Other services they can pay with (Alertpay ect.)
Omni is upgrading his plugins, you can give him suggestions.
There won't be an AP module for it.
Possibly make it so that you don't need verified PayPal to use it?
Doesn't it exist already?
ipn but i would like that one as well so we can have more subscription
When the 1.4 plugin will upgraded?
Hmmm is this forum dead? o0
Omni could you please tell us if you are working on the 1.6.2 PayPal subscription mod?
I believe Labrocca only creates for his need, not on demand. So because Labrocca manually reviews suscriptions, so he doesnt need such plugin.

Im sure there is a plugin out there which will do the job if not a similar job.
I think u should be able to find this on
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