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Full Version: Tab Plugin
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Ok, My friend installed the Tab Plugin on our forums. When we use it and select the category we want they just done show up on the forums. For example if we make a new tab and add the Gaming category to it. Then when you click the Gaming Tab nothing shows under it. What do we do to fix this.
Who is your friend?
just fixed the plugin it was somthing with the </div> tag not being put in the correct place. Also please change that picture, It would be helping you out alot
Who gave you the plugin?
And that is me on the pic, I don't really care.
How did you get the plugin >?
Ok, i guess you guys can not read well. My friend installed the plugin on OUR forums. I dont have the FTP information he does. So HE has the plugin. No one gave ME the plugin. I am just trying to fix the problem, so i posted here for some help. You guys are more worried about the go abouts of the plugin and not the problem in hand. So i guess i will have to do this so you guys can understand it. I DO NOT HAVE THE PLUGIN! MY FRIEND HAS IT AND HE INSTALLED IT ON OUR FORUMS. HE IS THE ONE WITH FTP INFO NOT ME! No thanks to you guys i finally figured it out after about 6 hours of research. Some subscribers huh, More worried about Snitching on people then helping.
That's my original question, who is your friend?
He must be a subscriber here.
And yeah, he doesn't have any write to give it for free.