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Full Version: Hi - I'm Snooks
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Hi Guys,

Im Snooks.

Im well known throughout V7nForums as a SuperMod and i have finally decided to try and build my own forum community. A place where novice and experienced webmasters can talk in a friendly, laid back family environment. The site is

My skill levels are pretty low, ive always struggled on even the most basic of html so the mods and plugins are a huge asset for me. In a short time i may well be looking for one of you more experienced people that do freelance work, to assist me.

Whilst im here, i wanted to subscribe but didnt see a Paypal button. There was a Paypal logo but it was for cc payments, not Paypal funds. Am i missing something??

Regards Smile
Makes me thing of jersey shore lol.
Makes me thing of jersey shore lol

I dont quite understand, but i sure hope its a good thing Smile lol
Yea snooks. Its a shitty reply that should have been binned.
Guess all mighty Matt and Labrocca have been too busy.
As for reg. Paypal works, well it did for me anyway.
Try again would be my advice.

@kaleb. Hope you get your membership revoked.
Hell you were the noob not so long ago?
Your opinions are worthless.
I' will try the Paypal again.

Cheers Smile
Well i just went to checkout again and it wants CC info, which it isnt getting Sad Even though the logo syays Paypal, i think its only a paypal checkout and not where you can use paypal funds. When i dont put in CC info, i cant go any further.

Hopefully "the bosses" will offer further advice soon Smile