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Full Version: How to make threads "readable" only to members?
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I have created a new section on my forum that I want to be

Visible to all (guests & members)


Readable only to members.

In Admin panel, for that section I have set the permissions for GUESTS as YES for "Can View Board" and "Can View Threads" but this way they are able to see the threads content too.

If I choose NO to "Can View Threads" they are not seeing the threads, but I want them to see the threads titles only but to read the content they must register.

This setting is working on this MyBB forum

Try to open any thread, it will not let you read the content because you are not registered there.

How can I do it?
Add this to showthread.php
PHP Code:
if(!in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'], array('1'')))

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