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Full Version: RuneGalaxy is now open!
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RuneGalaxy is now open, hope you all like. RuneGalaxy, as you can see, is a RuneScape Forum, we want to make of the RuneGalaxy not the biggest one, but the best one. Smile

There are many features in the website:
  • Shop - The more you post, more items you can buy. You only can win GP if you post and guess what? If you post threads, visit the forum, call your friends and they use your referral you win more GP (check this here). There are 3 Yellow Partyhats, it's the special item. Every week/month it's added a new special item, make your mark in the RuneGalaxy.
  • Awards - We still need suggestions for the awards, we need your help!
  • Profile Comments - Yes, that's right, this is an awesome feature, you can comment every member's profiles.
  • Marketplace tab - We want to make a big marketplace. Make your services like firecaping, questing and more. Check it out!
Many other features are been prepared, and we don't want to make it as secret. We have a big project at the moment, a Private Server with a VPS to stay online 24/7, Tournaments with Prizes, our RuneScape client, new sections, new plugins and more!

We need moderators, join our team (click here).

Enjoy! :blackhat: