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Full Version: [Rate][Review] Pixel Meter [Friendly, Great Community]
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What is your website about: PixelMeter is about introducing a community that is full of well behaved teens and adults. It is a family based website where you can navigate through it easily, download movies, music, or anything a user uploads, but, it is downloaded by our staff before we approve the thread. Why? So YOU the reader/member does not get infected. We are a nice community, and we are hoping to grow.

What should we expect in the future: You should expect a lot in the future really, we have just come up and look at how much we have done. Soon, there will be custom sections for movie reviews, movie downloads, music downloads, etc. We will hopefully have a custom designed shoutbox on the main page and for Premium Member, let me tell you about that. Most sites have the same features for all Premium Member, open threads, close threads, give rep, take rep, etc. But, ours will be different. It may have those features but it will have more, you will gain access to more movie downloads, more music downloads, and more anime downloads! We may even have custom hacks on our forums, so how do you get them? You get Premium Member. We will be different, but we need your help to be that way.

Why should we the readers join your community: You should join our community to help it grow, to make it grow you must contribute, post and be active. Our administrators are always active, as well as moderators and a few other members. We can have nice conversations, we can make new threads, we can come up with ideas that others cannot. Together, we can be one! By one I mean YOU the reader/member can become part of our community.

How can we help: You can help our community by just registering and making an introduction. But, if you want to go beyond that you can help by contributing movies you have lying on your hard drive rotting away, as well as music! You can contribute even tutorials, or your vast knowledge on awesome game techniques, what you the reader/member can contribute is endless, but what you contribute is for you to decide.

Updated/approved! I hope you guys like it, get your reviews in.
Yeah the theme is good looking and the forums are nice.
Thank you, join and help us populate.