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Full Version: Setting a forum background
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I was just wondering how do I change my forums background.

See right now it's that color grey? I'd like to change it to this image -
And I don't want it to repeat either. I want it to sort of be on top of the existing color, so that my fade at the end looks good. I also wanted that top grey bar to at the end of the top bar of my forum.

Any help? I know it's in the css, I just don't know where, or the code I should put in.
That image takes some time to load,

But in global.css find body and replace
    background: #efefef;

    background: #000 url(IMAGELINK) top center no-repeat;
Alright, that worked, but how do I start it lower on the page?

Edit: Also if I wanted to move it more to the left, how would I do that?
    background: #000 url(IMAGELINK) no-repeat;
    background-position: xpos ypos ;

xpos = left (+) /right (-)
ypos = top (+) /bottom (-)

    background: #000 url(IMAGELINK) no-repeat;
    background-position: 10px 12px ;

That will make it 10 pixels from the left and 12 pixels from the top

Make sure to use px or %