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Full Version: I need helping with this little piece of code
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Well, on the subscription plugin their is the piece of code that displays your sites logo but how can I make it so I can give it a link to how instead, because my logo goes off the page, so I resized it and want to make it re-load from that link like instead of


to get logo from-

<input type="image" name="image_url" value="'.$theme['logo'].'" />
<img src=""/>
I got this problem, but does are from trying something else, those two blank boxes now have Pixel Meter logo but when I click subscribe it is perfect at the top
<img src="" alt="logo" /><br />
That still does not remove both of the logos, I think they need to be hidden. Also, any clue on how to remove booth subscriber buttons, I can't figure it out I looked through the code.