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Full Version: [TEMPLATE] CopyRight
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I know this is very basic but it will help many users Smile

Always make a backup before any edits to your forum.

Open the template postbit>postbit

PHP Code:

Add new line:.
PHP Code:
<br><small>© 2010</small
Replace With your Url!

Then Save the template.

This tut took 5 minute's to make it will take 2 seconds to say thanks!!
Why add it in postbit?
So it shows under all posts..
When people come and copy and paste, they advertise your site Wink
They would obviously see it and remove it.
(Sep 01, 2010, 01:11 AM)Bustedhumor Wrote: [ -> ]They would obviously see it and remove it.

No you and i might but C&P-ers wouldn't.. -_-