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Full Version: IDK What Happened :-/
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Well our move to 1.6 may not have been as successful as first thought. I have noticed were missing alot of features that are in 1.6, example #1 would be rep for post, we dont have that, example #2 would be that under User CP you dont see your latest threads And alot more. I dont think were running 1.6, although we do have some features from it. Im going to further investigate this. For some reason gamepro is not responding to my messages so it may be awhile before i can get to work.

Wish us luck.

Thats what i had to tell my forum members today. I hope you can save me because i have no idea what happened. In the admin panel it says im running 1.6.Sad
You obviously didn't revert your customised templates/your theme hasn't been updated fully for 1.6 Wink
imma downgrade to 1.4 no plugins tbh for 1.6.
Wow its my theme / template?? I was so scared!
I can help you upgrade, send me a message, okay. Smile

He doesn't need to upgrade. He just needs to revert his templates.