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Let me know what I should change / improve / remove on my gaming forum / website Smile

Site : url (click me)

Started 2-3 days ago and havent promoted it yet so only very few members atm.

Thanks for your time
It loads very, very slowly.
Crap, thought it was my internet :S I use bighost thought it would be fine
Anyone got some more feedback for me?
Nice website, but try to cut down on the amount of forums you have. You only have 8 members and 20 different forums to post in. When you start a community, try to cut down on that many forums. Instead of specifying each console then listing games, try generalizing it more to either just a few major consoles, or a few major games.

This way the site won't feel empty with all of those boards and hardly any threads in them at all. Once you get around 500-1,000 members then sure add the rest of those boards. Just make sure the members can support it.

Otherwise, I like the theme, even though it's used a lot, but you managed to make it work with the logo and background, but try making the background extend longer downwards to cover the page more, or make it blend into the bottom so it doesn't look like it was just cut off at the bottom.

That's about all I got for now,
- Rev
Seems to have changed to a wordpress blog!