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Full Version: Problem with User Title Rank!
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I got someone to make title ranks for me but now it doesn't show up?!
I made a new folder in public_html and named it Members...I went to Admin CP and click on User titles---Edit User Title.....Changed one of them and put the location to this: /public_html/images/Members/Frozen Noob.png

Not working...? Shows * for the member.

Any help would be appreciated.
* usually means it's trying to load an image that doesn't exist.
(I know it's obvious to say this, but it means your path to the directory is wrong)

Also, supplying a direct link to the image would work just as fine..
Lol thanks dude! It works, but it shows up as double?
You have 2 stars selected select one star and it will go back to 1 image
ohhh okay, thanks...ill try now