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Full Version: Allow the Invisible / Hide Me Option Only for Certain Group(s)
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I think this would be awesome:
  1. Plugin allows the admin to configure which user group(s) are able to set themselves to be hidden. Other groups are unable to set this option.
  2. Plugin could also provide a link to be clicked by the admin, which would run an SQL query to identify any users that are set to be hidden, that should not be (in case of user group change, etc.), and correct the discrepancy
Any chance a plugin could be made for this? Thanks!
Anyone's thoughts on this? Any chances that this can be done? Thanks!
You could remove the option in the User CP.
(Sep 21, 2010, 10:51 PM)Damion Wrote: [ -> ]You could remove the option in the User CP.

Thanks, but I would like it to do something better, without the need for manual updating. I updated my original post with better details.
I support this 100%. I hate having some groups being able to, or some groups not being able to because I have to disable the entire feature.
Is this the right way for subscribers to request a plugin? What is the criteria for what will be done and what won't? Thanks!
It is. Labrocca has done it, PM him.
I'm sure you can just change the group setting in the MYSQL table of the group. I may be wrong. Please correct me if I am.