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Full Version: Uploadah - Free Off-shore File Hosting - File/Acc. Managers - Direct Links - Fast
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[b][Free Offshore File Hosting - 50MB Limit - Direct Links - File/Acc. Managers][/b][/align]

Video Preview:

• Direct download links
• Download files (if the user is given a download link)
• Upload ANY file type
• Create your own account
• Manage your files
• Password protect your files
• Change filename and file extension
• Ban users (admin)
• Delete users and their files (admin)
• Login/Registration/Pass-Protected files are ALL with Captcha's to prevent bruteforcing and stealing of your files/accounts! Also to prevent bots on registration.
• Sort your files by: upload date, file and downloads.
• A download counter.
• Advanced download logging
• Lost password page
• Change account password
• Delete account
• Change account email
• 50MB file-upload limit per file

Anything Else:
• For anything regarding Uploadah (suggestions, issues, advertising, etc.) please email [email protected], thanks!
Wheres the forum at dude?
Open a forum ;D
(Sep 05, 2010, 11:18 AM)Kaleb Wrote: [ -> ]Wheres the forum at dude?

He hasn't added one yet
Well this isnt a mybb review. So it shouldnt be here.
How would an upload site have a forum ?
Another thing i was wondering. I reported the thread so i guess its labrocca's call.
Wow you're really butthurt huh? Labrocca let someone else post a non-MyBB forum so I figured this would be okay Rolleyes

Anyways, I already said if he doesn't want it, but I don't see an issue, delete the thread.

IF I have to, I can put up a forum, just wait a few hours and I'll put one up... Jeesh, butthurt's these days...
I'll just move this to OT.
(Sep 06, 2010, 02:20 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]I'll just move this to OT.

Oh okay, thanks Jessie!

@thread: Do you guys actually want a forum? I don't really see why it should have one but lol...
Maybe for Upload Problems / Discussions Jack .
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