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Full Version: Please review my Pakistan Fun Forum :)
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Hi all,

I started my forum few days ago but since there was less content and less plugins therefore I did not ask for review.

Now I have installed many plugins (all by myself yippiee Smile) and have good no. of topics to criticize the content.

This is my forum

Please do check this and tell me how is the forum loading speed?

Also, I need very important opinion about my forum that currently you can see my forum as "Guest" and can see all sections and all threads... I am thinking to make this forum "Private" so that only Registered users can see the content, Guests can see the thread titles but cannot see the content, for that they must join.

Do you think it is good idea?

Currently the visitors just come, read content and leave the forum... if I make it Private they will at least join the forum Smile

Looking forward to your replies.
Hmm seems like a debatable forum? I live in the US and my schools dont teach shit for other cultures so im not really sure.

The speed is acceptable not SUPER fast nor is it slow w.s.e.

Good luck.